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Home Staging

What does staging your home REALLY mean?

When you list your home for sale, your agent will more than likely tell you that you need to “stage” it which will help you sell it more quickly. They may give you some quick pointers on what that means and inevitably use the term declutter.

Unfortunately, a lot of times what happens is the homeowner ends up sterilizing their home. They take all the family portraits off the walls and shelves and box them up, clear off all the tables, put away everything in the kitchen to clear the countertops and in some cases paint all the walls white all in an effort to give a potential buyer a blank slate.

This is NOT staging a home and can leave buyers feeling cold and confused while looking at the home instead of warm and fuzzy. Not all buyers have a knack for envisioning what isn’t there or what a home COULD look like with their furniture and decor. Therefore, they walk away feeling nothing and your home ends up being forgettable instead of a contender when the buyer narrows the search.

Home staging is not decorating. Decorating appeals to the person living in the house; staging is positioning the home to appeal to the psychological needs of buyers by creating a series of impressions that build an emotional connection to help buyers imagine living in the home.

An AOL Money & Finance poll revealed that 87% of respondents said home presentation makes the difference in most sales. Also, while many agents overlook the presentation of your home and push for price reductions, the problems, whether perceived or real, still exist.

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